Installing and shower glass may look like an dream come true. But make it look and fancy takes a little bit of effort from yourself. Below listed are very few tips on how to keep an shower glass more clean and make it last longer too.

Normal Maintenance:

This point is as simple as it sounds. Just using with gentle care and consideration itself can make it last longer and make it more durable too.

No Chemicals:

To make you shower glass sparkly and shiny you may opt to go with some cleaning chemical which will not only result in given an bad effect on the glass but will also affect the accessories of the shower glass. Some cleaning chemicals are so strong enough that they can eat of the upper most coating of the accessories, thus exposing it and result it to rust and corrosion.

Simple Soap Solution:

An simple soap solution can do you more good than you can ever imagine. Rather than going with an strong solutions to keep clean, go with simple water and dish soap mixture.

Wipe Clean the Glass:

May not look like a large thing, but at times if the water is hardwater it can simply lead to stains that may not be able to remove for a certain time.

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