When you are putting so much effort into transforming your home. To look like that’s something that’s totally out of interior decoration magazine. But why skip the bathroom interior!? Bathroom interior does not just end with the tiles and the hardware. It is so much than. At times even after doing do much renovation work to make you bathroom interior look so fancy, it yet looks like its missing something very large to give it an excellent and unique look.

Having an large shower area in your bathroom makes it look like very fancy. But imagine adding an shower glass into this area. Now this is where all your hard worked renovation will be complete. At Shower Glass DXB, we provide you the most unique customization varying from thickness to the accessories itself.

Apart from simple glass thickness and the glass type. Therefore, itself there are so much more to be considered when it comes to customization. For example, if your bathroom has hardware finishing of an specific color. The profile to be installed within the shower glass can be specifically customized to match your specific bathroom interior.

These specific requirements are what we represent from our side to our clients to let them express. In addition, their individuality as per their unique taste in terms of quality and finishing itself. One of the best aspect of our services is that despite the kind of glass. And type of finishing all our work are bound by warranty.

Interested in our services? Contact us via WhatsApp on +971-55-1908812 for free quotes and estimations.

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