Half Glass Screen & Sliding Enclosure

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Quality & Warranty

We provide high quality  shower enclosures partition services with having warranty, values, and trust to all clients. Shower Glass DXB provides all kind of shower glass partitions design for your home such as Walk-in Shower Glass Partitions, Bathtub & Corner Shower enclosures in Dubai.

  • Swing Shower Enclosure
  • Sliding Shower Enclosure
  • Golden Shower Enclosure
  • Black Shower Enclosure  
  • Fixed Shower Screen / Bathtub Screen
  • Shower Glass Doors / Bathtub Moveable Doors

Glass Works Dubai

Shower area can be installed with shower screens such an Walk – in Shower area, Bathtub and Standing Shower area. We provide different range from simple fixed shower screen to more detailed customization such as movable bathtub glass, frameless movable glass, fixed bathtub shower screen, sliding shower enclosure, swing shower enclosure, frameless shower glass partition, frameless sliding shower glass partition, standing shower, corner glass shower, shower glass doors and even much fancier & elegant option that comes with custom colored (Silver, Black, Golden, Rose Gold, Custom Powder Coating & Custom Electroplating / Electrocoating) accessories and profiles.

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shower screen partition with frameless
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corner shower enclosure with sandblast

Glass Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosure can be installed at almost every shower area. Despite it being Wall in Shower Enclsoure, Standing Shower area or even a Bathtub Shower Area. We have various categories to add unique feature into each client’s requirement. We also install Shower Glass Doors separately without any additional fixed panels. These glass panels can also be customized under various factors such as the type of accessories that’s to be used. The height of the shower door; which can be either standard height. Therefore, if it until the ceiling which is considered full height. Any shower area can be installed with shower screens such an Walk – in Shower area, Bathtub and Standing Shower area. Our Services are shower glass partition in different profile as black powder coating shower glass partition, golden profile color, stainless steel finishing, custom color coating in all type of shower glass partition.

We provide from simple shower screen to any type of shower enclosures with customization as per client’s choice. To get more detailed customization such as movable, frameless movable bathtub glass and even much fancier & elegant option that comes with custom colored accessories and profiles. We do all kind of Shower Glass Enclosure, Sliding Shower Partition, Swing Glass Shower Enclosure, Fixed Half Shower Screen,  Bathtub Fixed Glass, Bathtub Swing Shower, Bathtub Sliding Shower, Black Shower Profile, Golden Shower Enclosure (Swing / Sliding) with having quality material comes with profile warranty.

What People Think About Us

Swing Shower Cabin

I called this company to install standing walk-in shower glass. They came out right away to give a great, competitive estimate price and a quick installation date too. On the date of installation, the concern person texted twice to keep me informed of fixing schedule. The finished product looks beautiful and installation was professional. Recommended this company.

Jennifer Barry

Bathtub Sliding Enclosure

Professional, honest, very competitive price as per market!!!!!
I can’t say enough about this glass company. Excellent job on my bathtub sliding shower enclosure. This was a pretty difficult job because its tiles cutout edge. Technical guy did a fantastic job shaping the sides to perfectly match the profile. I have found the best glass company and call on again for future projects.

Kate Coleman

Shower Glass DXB 

“Bathroom” may seem like a very small area to put any renovation and interior designing ideas into. But being a glass company, we are totally dedicating our core works into bathroom glass partitions by providing multiple glass solutions that provide the ultimate bathroom interior renovation decorum. Our services for glass partition renovation in the domain for bathrooms range from any simple standard fixed glass to an entirely customized shower enclosures. In addition, it comes with specific size, glass type, graded materials such as Stainless Steel and even aluminum, unique RAL Powder coated finishing to name a few. Shower area can be modified from a normal shower area to any remarkable shower enclosures with custom design options. The best solution we offer for clients who are looking into implementing royalty in their shower glass is with Crystal Clear Glass.

Making them framed, frameless or entirely concealed are also available. But maximal customization is when implemented a requirement that is to match similar of same color finishing of the existing bathroom interior. A mostly, mistaken assumption is that only a square shaped shower area can be transformed into a shower enclosure. At Shower Glass DXB, we also have multiple options for various areas located at certain angle such as a Corner; U or even L Shaped shower enclosure. In other words, Even for such areas, we have plenty of shower glass solutions. Namely shower screens, enclosures, cubicles, shower stopper to name a few. In addition, the individual look that renovation must include. And for small shower areas, a simple shower door can be installed. To make it to be an entire shower enclosure with one swift installation.

Crystal Glass

Crystal glass which are also known as Low iron glass are widely used to exhibit royalty. But in terms of durability they are all equal to any normal clear glass. But what makes it unique and distinguishable is its appearance which has a finishing that eliminating the greenish tinted from it. Therefore, the whole point of doing a bathroom renovation is to making it look much fancier than it actually. And at the same time maintaining equal high quality with each installation. Shower Glass DXB, we have incorporated innovative designs into every aspect of glass services with promised quality with each installation. Our services such as shower glass partition, glass shower partition, glass partition for shower, shower partition glass, shower glass partition dubai, shower glass, partition dubai price, glass shower screen, wall mirror dubai, full length wall mirror dubai, decorative wall mirror dubai, mirror decor wall,  mirror for wall, wall mirror, mirror decoration on wall, backlit mirror for bathroom, shower screen, shower enclosure dubai, shower screen bathtub in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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