Sliding shower is one of the best type of design in the shower glass world. Sliding shower gives a style and uniqueness to your bathroom.
As sliding shower gives a classy look to your bathroom, it is a very good option if you love elegance.

There are sliding shower enclosures with custom design as per your bathtub size and the model you need. We can also offer sliding shower enclosure for your bathtub with different colors for profile and accessories. Black powder coated sliding shower enclosure is one famous design from our company and also there are golden profile, silver color etc.

An increasingly popular style has emerged in the form of sliding shower enclosure however, which are quickly becoming renowned for their capacity to maximize space in compact bathrooms especially.

Whilst swing ( Hinged) shower enclosure takes a compelling amount of free space in front of the walk in shower or enclosure to open out into, sliding shower enclosures have no such condition. They’re also very easy to open, close and adjust, offering easy access upon entering and exiting the bathroom.

We’ve already well known upon the fact that space-saving aspect of sliding shower doors, and how those particular glass shower enclosure can prove importance in comparison with alternative shower glass types. With sliding shower doors, the amount of time needed to maintain and clean the shower enclosure on the whole will be much less. In terms of the cleaning, the doors can be open simply by sliding, then just needed spray and wipe them down, before being easily closed again.

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