What is a frameless shower screen?

Standard shower screens have a noticeable, metal casing and trimmings that are joined to the dividers, roof or floor, though a frameless shower entryway needn’t bother with this help structure. The casing is there to give unbending nature and offer help to the glass, which is frequently more slender than the glass in a frameless shower. The plan of a frameless screen is additionally altogether different. They are produced using boards of thick treated glass and dissimilar to a standard plan, they needn’t bother with the metal help structure.

  1. There are so many styles to choose from

The clean, minimalist design will add a touch of indulgence to any style of bathroom. There is a range of styles, colours and finishes to choose from for your shower screen. From a fixed screen at the side of your bath to a fully enclosed walk-in shower.


  1. Easy to install

A frameless system is easier and quicker to install because it doesn’t need to be bolted to the wall or fit together.

  1. Your bathroom will look more spacious

Bathrooms tend to be one of the smallest rooms in the home. Your bathroom should be designed and laid out to maximize the available space. A standard shower can make the room look smaller due to the thick frame enclosure. By installing a frameless shower screen, you’ll give the illusion of clean, unbroken space. A glass screen will also let any natural light through uninhibited, unlike a shower curtain.


  1. They offer enhanced access

The design of a frameless shower screen allows the hinges to work in both directions, meaning that your shower door can open inwards or outwards. This gives you more options on where to install your shower.

The frameless design also allows a wider door that can allow wheelchairs.

  1. Easier to clean

Keeping your bathroom clean shouldn’t be a chore. A frameless shower screen is far easier to clean than a standard framed one. Usually, soap scum and grime will accumulate in all of the small parts of your frame. This can look unsightly and be really difficult to keep clean. A frameless system has far fewer places for dirt to build up, so are easier to clean and maintain. Simply wash it with a shower or glass cleaner when it needs it.

  1. Built to last and easy to repair

As there are fewer component parts in a frameless shower scream, there are fewer things that can go wrong, meaning that you can enjoy it for longer. Your shower screen should last for many years. But if yours does develop a fault, it is relatively easy to fix. Standard, framed screens need replacement parts to be sent from the original manufacturer. You aren’t necessarily bound to one manufacturer for replacement parts.


  1. Safer than traditional glass screens

The glass used in our frameless products is much safer than the glass you would find in an ordinary shower screen. It is a tempered safety glass that is a minimum of 10mm thick. You can be confident that the glass will stand up to frequent use and the demands of family life.


  1. The ultimate in luxury

If you’re looking to add a touch of designer quality to your bathroom, a frameless shower screen is a perfect way to do this. Not only can you create a beautiful walk-in shower, but also a walk through shower too. Perfect if you have space and are serious about your indulgent shower time.

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