Shower Curtain & Shower Glass

Shower curtains may look like the best affordable option to go with; when you buy an new apartment and are stuck within certain budget level. But in reality having then as a short term solution is quite acceptable; but having them for long term solutions are one of the worst decision you can ever take and below are the reasons on why;

  1. Unhygienic:

Even though an shower curtain may claim that its water resistant; and can work longer in shower glass area but with time it will result in getting moist trapped with in the curtain which will eventually leave to mold and fungal growth in it. This will totally make an filthy piece of cloth hanging in your shower area.

  1. Health Hazard:

Now with the filthy mold grown all over the shower curtain and if there any children in the apartment; and they apparently touch this piece of cloth and unconsciously eat food with the same hands. This will leave to extremely dangerous outcomes resulting in serious health risky both in long and short term.

  1. Difficulty in Maintenance:

Cleaning of shower curtain make sound and seem like a simple task. But in reality, making it clean in terms of hygienic level is quite difficult. For instance, the only way to get rid of all the mold. And fungal growth will be to go with an strong chemical liquid which in return may lead to skin infections and rash upon getting in contact with direct skin.

  1. Ruining you Shower Area:

When the shower curtain is left to hang on the shower area after an shower, it for sure is going to be wet and this moisture will not only affect the shower curtain but will also lead to molding between the shower tray and the tile grouting making your shower area much more disturbing in appearance and unhealthy too.

  1. Not so Budget Friendly:

Due to all over above reason you may consider replacing your shower curtain several times with in a very short period. When looking into things in long term view, its far best to go with a shower glass rather than an shower curtain.

Shower Glass are easy to maintain and cannot be considered as an risk in terms of being unhygienic.

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