Usually people have too much confusion and doubts when it comes to choose a shower glass for their bathroom. Whether to install a shower screen/ shower enclosure with swing door/ shower enclosure with sliding door etc. But the main factor is the quality of the glass itself. If you don’t get the glass with the required thickness and size or any other factor, your shower glass will be not worthy.

Shower Glass DXB only provide excellent shower glasses. We use the tempered glass for all shower glass as it is the strongest glass type. Tempered glass is designed for safety and it doesn’t break into large piece and cause trouble.

One of the important benefits by choosing “Shower Glass DXB” would be the pattern of designs. We provide any custom designed shower glasses to our customers as they require. Frameless, framed, swing & sliding shower enclosure, shower screen, bathtub shower glasses, custom color themed shower glasses etc. are some of our best known designs in the shower glass.

We use 10MM thickness tempered glass as it is the best thickness for shower area. In the glass itself you can choose different types of thickness such as 8MM, 10MM, and 12MM etc. But as we focus the safety and the beauty of the shower area, we suggest 10MM thickness glass for the shower glass installation in your bathroom.

Finding a good company to install your shower glass is important. You have to make sure they will be providing quality services along with warranty.

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