Shower Glass Partitions

The first thing that will cross your mind is wondering on how a shower glass can expire!!?? Well it doesn’t mean literally the glass, the actual meaning of an expired. Shower glass is considered the whole shower enclosure such as the used accessories; profiles, installation and later on the glass itself.

As assumed already, an expired hardware is when accessories such as hinges, pipe support, handle. And so on happen to get issues of rust or corrosion. Thus, leading to faulty mechanism which includes malfunctioning of the shower door itself. For instance, any faulty or expired hinges in a shower door; will make it almost impossible for the shower door to be closed completely. Thus, making the bathroom walls & floors vulnerable to water splashes and leakages. And when it comes to the profile. These are literally the backbone that is holding the Shower Glass Partitions in a stable position on the wall. Therefore, if the rust is left unnoticed without any rectification of the issue. In other words, the result is total collapsing of the infrastructure leading to possible injuries.

Glass Partition

Moreover, when one of these accessories happens to be rusted, it will turn out to have sharp edges. Which can even injury any person upon contact with bare skin. These are total RED FLAGS for any shower glass. These has to be rectified as soon as possible as any direct contact with these rusted accessories could be hazardous to health.

On the other hand, mishandling of the glass or even long-term. Shower glass could lead to chipping of the glass panels along with minute cracks on the glass. These cracks will start to spread in time and end up breaking the whole glass panel with serious injuries.

Rectification process:

The whole rectification process itself is as simple as the installation. And will be affordable than replacing the entire shower glass itself

  • The Key is to hire a professional who can give you warranty services.
  • Be elaborate with your shower glass problems.
  • Be open to better suggestions & solutions for better durability.
  • Opting to install any accessory that are either 304 (Stainless Steel) Grade or greater than that.

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  • Thank you so much for talking about how important professional installation is when handling glass. I can easily see myself making a lot of mistakes and compromising my shower area if I try to do this without any help. I’ll go and look for a glass partition expert that can help us with these installations right away.


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